AI Dispatch Agent: Streamlining Operations for Carriers with Advanced Integration and Automated Responses

Improving carrier efficiency with an AI Dispatch Agent that automates your phone-based operations. By connecting to TMS platforms and ELD systems, it provides instant capacity information, status updates, and asset locations to brokers and internal teams.

Intelligent Capacity Matching

Our AI Dispatch Agent seamlessly taps into your TMS, such as LOST FR8, to provide brokers with up-to-date capacity information. The AI analyzes available truck lists and schedules, offering brokers accurate details on available transport space, helping to maximize load efficiency.

Real-Time Load Updates

With a single query from brokers about specific load numbers, our AI Dispatch Agent consults your TMS, like Transport Pro, delivering real-time updates on load status. This feature ensures that brokers receive timely information, enhancing trust and streamlining communication.

ELD Integration for Asset Tracking

The AI Dispatch Agent offers precise location tracking by interfacing with ELD systems such as Samsara. Whether it's finding the nearest truck or trailer, the AI provides exact locations, reducing wait times for updates and improving overall logistics management.

Additional Benefits

  • Reduce manual workload for dispatchteams by automating routine inquiries.
  • Enhance broker satisfaction with instantaneous responses and updates.
  • Improve asset utilization through smart, AI-driven dispatch solutions.
  • Ensure compliance and oversight with integrated ELD data analysis.

This comprehensive AI solution is not just about providing information; it's about transforming the way carriers operate, making every interaction more efficient and every decision data-driven.

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