Voice AI assistants that stick to your guidelines and directives.

Our context-aware AI focuses solely on task-specific data you decide to provide it, and our safety protocols ensure private information remains confidential.

AI Assistants that Stick to your Guidelines

Our AI assistants are designed with a clear boundary: they access only what's necessary to get the job done. Whether it's checking the status of a payment for a carrier or locating a shipment, the AI sticks to just the info it needs, respecting privacy every step of the way.

Smart Data Handling in Real-Time
  • Selective Processing: Our system smartly redacts sensitive info on the fly. So when a carrier asks about payment status or a broker discusses freight negotiations, only the essential details are used, keeping everything else private.
Compliance as a Priority
  • Regulation-Ready AI: We keep tight reins on compliance, aligning with US data protection laws. Regular checks and updates to our protocols mean our AI is as current with safety as it is with your shipment schedules.
Safety is Ongoing
  • Vigilant Systems: Think of our AI as having a safety net that's always on. It's constantly monitored and fine-tuned, ready to adapt to new security challenges so that your negotiations and updates remain secure.
Open About Our Safety Measures
  • Clarity You Can Trust: We're upfront about how we safeguard your data. From freight negotiations to payment and shipment updates, you’ll always know how your data is handled.

By using our AI, carriers and brokers can negotiate freight, track shipments, and discuss payments with the assurance that their data is protected and their privacy is respected.

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