Understand and identify the caller's intent, routing them to the right department.

Our AI assistants understand and identify the caller's intent, seamlessly routing calls to the right department without the hassle of traditional IVR systems.

Streamline Your Logistics Calls with AI-Driven Routing

Our AI-driven routing system is designed specifically for the logistics sector, optimizing call handling for carriers and brokers. It swiftly interprets the purpose of each call, ensuring callers connect with the right department—be it dispatch, sales, safety or others you define for you own organization—without unnecessary delays.

Intuitive and Efficient Call Management

Gone are the days of painfully long IVR systems ("press 1 for dispatch, press 2 for sales, ..."), long wait times and misrouted calls. Our system identifies caller intent in real-time, whether the caller is asking to speak to a specific person like "Pete at dispatch" or need general information. This smart routing not only streamlines operations but also improves the overall experience you offer your customers and partners.

Adaptive Learning for Improved Precision

With each interaction, our system evolves, continually refining its understanding of your company's structure and caller needs. This means it adapts to recognize names and roles within your organization, improving its ability to route calls accurately over time. Of course, you can also teach the AI assistant about your own company hierarchy and department organization ahead of time in our intuitive dashboard.

Customization for Your Unique Needs

We understand that every logistics business is different. Our Intent Detection system lets you set specific flows and parameters, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your operational requirements and customer service objectives.

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